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Generic base class for building and manipulating HTML markup.

Objects, which have visual representation, are most likely subclasses of this generic HTML class. It provides a set of functions to define attributes, inline styles, stylesheet selectors, DOM events and inner HTML content either as static properties or calls to the object’s methods. Direct or implicit call to ‘toString’ method returns properly formatted HTML markup string, which can be used in document.write() call or assigned to the page innerHTML property.

The two-way linking between original javascript object and it’s DOM counterpart is maintained through the use of unique ID for each object. This allows forwarding DOM events back to the proper javascript master object and, if necessary, updating the correct piece of HTML on the page.

Constructor Syntax

var obj = new Active.System.HTML;

Class Hierarchy

Public Methods

elementReturns a reference to the HTML element.
getAttributeReturns HTML attribute.
getClassReturns CSS selector.
getContentReturns static HTML content.
getEventReturns HTML event handler.
getIdReturns unique ID for the object.
getStyleReturns inline CSS attribute.
getTagReturns HTML tag for the object.
initInitializes the object.
refreshUpdates HTML on the page.
refreshClassesUpdates CSS selectors string for an element.
setAttributeSets HTML attribute.
setClassSets CSS selector.
setContentSets static HTML content.
setEventSets HTML event handler.
setIdSets ID string for an element.
setStyleSets inline CSS attribute.
setTagSets HTML tag for the object.
toStringReturns HTML markup string for the object.


<div id="{id}"></div>


Adding onblur event after editing the cell Stefan [RO] (2)


Recent changes:

2.5.0 - 2.5.6
2.5.0 - 2.5.5