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Common problems

Q: I am new to Javascript. Can you teach me quickly how to use it?

A: Javascript is one of the most powerful modern programming languages and it really deserves some time to learn it properly. For a start, please read this excellent 10 minutes overview by Simon Willison -

A (Re)-Introduction to JavaScript, slides

Q: I am getting an error 'AW is undefined' (or 'Active is undefined' in version 1)

A: This error occurs when ActiveWidgets library is not loaded into your web page. Please check that you have included the link to the aw.js file and the file path is correct.

Q: When I put the grid control inside html <table> tag the column resizing and scrolling stop working.

A: Depending on the page layout the current version (AW 2.0) may not work properly in IE unless you add style="table-layout:fixed" to the grid parent table. If you have several nested tables it might be necessary to add this style rule to each of the <table> tags.

<table style="table-layout:fixed"><tr><td>... grid here ...</td></tr></table>


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