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Accessing individual tab on AW.UI.Tabs

How can we access each individual tab item ?
We are trying to change the width of each tab header according to the width of the content in the header.

var tabs = new AW.UI.Tabs;
var names = ["Summary by Cluster & Product", "Entity Cluster", "Counterparty"];
var values = ["div_grid1", "div_grid2", "div_grid3"];

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
var tab = tabs.getItem(index);
tab.setStyle('width', '100px');
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Thursday, July 9, 2009
When I look through the documentation of Tabs at the folowing link :

and check "Show All methods" There is no method like getItem() present on the documentation. Is there something missing in the documentation or I am looking at a wrong place.

Could you please guide ....
Thursday, July 9, 2009
getItem() is an alias for getItemTemplate() method. When used without index it returns the item template, with index - the requested item object, which is a clone of the template.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Thursday, July 9, 2009

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