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Scrollable grid control. Displays data in a table with fixed headers, resizable columns, client-side sorting and much more.

Constructor Syntax

var obj = new Active.Controls.Grid;

Class Hierarchy

Data Models

rowSpecifies the row indices and the row headers data.
columnSpecifies the column indices and the column headers data.
dataProvides the content to display inside the grid cells.
selectionControls the row/column/cell selection.
sortControls sorting of the grid rows.
statusProvides control status.
errorProvides error information.

Public Methods

setColumnHeaderHeightAllows to specify the height of the column headers.
setRowHeaderWidthAllows to specify the width of the row headers.
sortSorts the rows with the data in the given column.

Content Templates

layoutSplits the grid display into the four scrolling areas.
mainContains the main area of the grid.
dataContains the list of data rows.
leftContains the row headings area.
topContains the column headings area.
statusDisplays control status text.
errorDisplays error text.
rowGrid row template.
columnGrid column (cell) template.


<div id="{id}" class="active-controls-grid " oncontextmenu="return false" onselectstart="return false" onkeydown="dispatch(event, this)" onmousewheel="dispatch(event, this)">


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