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Table data model for XML files.


 var obj = new AW.XML.Table; 



asyncIndicates whether asynchronous download is permitted.
columnsSets the XPath expressions to retrieve values for each column.
countRow count.
dataCell data.
namespaceAllows to specify namespaces for use in XPath expressions.
nodeCell XML node.
parameterAllows to specify the request arguments/parameters.
passwordSets or retrieves the password.
requestDataAllows to send data with the request.
requestHeaderSets HTTP request header.
requestMethodSpecifies HTTP request method.
responseHeaderReturns HTTP response header (for example "Content-Type").
responseTextReturns response text.
responseXMLReturns response XML.
rowsSpecifies the XPath expression to retrieve the set of rows.
tableSpecifies the XPath expression to select the table root element.
URLSets or retrieves the remote data URL.
usernameSets or retrieves the user name.
XMLSets or retrieves the XML document (or string).


cloneCreates an object clone.
definePropertyCreates get/set methods for the property.
getAsyncReturns async property
getCountReturns count property
getDataReturns data property
getNodeReturns node property
getPasswordReturns password property
getPropertyReturns property value.
getRequestDataReturns requestData property
getRequestMethodReturns requestMethod property
getResponseHeaderReturns responseHeader property
getResponseTextReturns responseText property
getResponseXMLReturns responseXML property
getURLReturns URL property
getUsernameReturns username property
getXMLReturns XML property
initInitializes the object.
isReadyReturns true if the model data is available.
requestSends the request.
responseAllows to process the received data.
setAsyncSets async property
setColumnsSets columns property
setNamespaceSets namespace property
setParameterSets parameter property
setPasswordSets password property
setPropertyAssigns property value.
setRequestDataSets requestData property
setRequestHeaderSets requestHeader property
setRequestMethodSets requestMethod property
setResponseTextSets responseText property
setResponseXMLSets responseXML property
setRowsSets rows property
setTableSets table property
setTimeoutCalls the function after the specified delay.
setURLSets URL property
setUsernameSets username property
setXMLSets XML property
toStringConverts object to string.


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