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The penny begins to drop ....

I post this in the hope that it helps others who are struggling like me. If I'm wrong, perhaps someone more knowledgable could correct me.

The example didn't work when I tried to run it. It was easy to see that Active.Controls.Grid should be replaced by AW.Grid.Extended, but what should the method setDataText be replaced by? I knew from examples it should be setCellText, but how could I figure that out if I didn't have an example?

The AW.Grid.Extended has a cell model. I've not looked through the source, but I assume that was created with a defineModel("cell") method call somewhere. Properties can then be added to the "cell" model using defineCellProperty, so again I assume the code contains a method call defineCellProperty("text"). This allows "text" to be maniplated with getCellText() and setCellText().

The proof of the pudding for me was that I could replace setDataText() with setCellText() or with setCellProperty("text", function(i,j){etc}) and both worked.

If I'm right, this means there is nothing special about cell, row, column etc., they are simply models associated with the AW.Grid.Extended control, which have varying properties defined for them that the controls utilise.

If this has been helpful, please post to say so. I don't want to waste everyone's time if it is just me that is a bit slow.

Also, if anyone knows the difference between the "data" and "text" property, I'd appreciate you posting.

Mike Anonymous
Monday, January 2, 2006

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