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Pager + grid.setAction("selectionChanged", ...);

Hi to all,

I've this problem when I 'use pager + keydown moving selection from one row to another with keydown


There are more than one page and number of records per page are 10

For the first page I'm able to move cursor from one row to another
...testing selection with this code..
mRowIndex = this.getProperty("selection/values");
I get

mRowIndex = 0...1...2...3..4...5..6..7..8..9

When I move to page 2 and I click on row 10 and then I move to second row with keydown

I get
mRowIndex = this.getProperty("selection/values");
my row = 10...21...32...53..64...etc....

Why Next row of next page !!!!!!! Have you some solutions????


Angelo Pagotto
Friday, January 6, 2006

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