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is form handling supported for the grid?


I wasn't sure how to word the question in the subject line. What I mean is, if the grid is in an HTML form, and I submit that form, do the grid's data get submitted same as a standard HTML input?

I kind of jumped the gun a bit, and already found a workaround to submitting the data in case the grid is not handled like a standard input within a form, but it seems kind of clumsy. I just wrote a function that transfers all of the grid data into hidden input arrays before calling form.submit();.

Thanks for any information.

Monday, January 30, 2006
That is a cluncky work around. You should keep track of the rows that get changed (in an array), and then create a function that is called when a button (a regular button, not a submit button, but it can hace the caption "submit") is clicked, to send back all form fields and also the changed data rows. You might even think about taking one more step back and keep your form fields in a form and keep the grid data seperate. Then, when rows get changed on the grid, send that information back immediately via AJAX. Trying to run everything through a form submit is old school and might be way more work then doing th egrid updates on the fly.
Jim Hunter
Monday, January 30, 2006

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