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highlight text color not working after setting cell color

If i set a cell color specifically using:
then when i highlight a row, the text color stays green and does not change to white as it should.

Is there any way to solve this?
I've tried putting in:
.aw-rows-selected {color: white;}
.aw-cells-selected {color: white;}

but that still doesn't work.
Jonathan Doklovic
Wednesday, February 8, 2006
If you use row selection mode it should be

.aw-rows-selected .aw-grid-cell {color: white!important;}

with cell selection it should be

.aw-cells-selected {color: white!important;}

The !important flag is necessary because the style set directly on the element has higher priority than everything from stylesheets.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Wednesday, February 8, 2006

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