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New Widget - how to start ?

I'm hoping that someone with some AAW experience can help me and point out if I am doing anything/approaching anything wrong :)

I need to write a sidebar (Windows style) widget.
I should say here that I am running a licenced copy of AW2.0

The first thing I believe I need is to subclass AW.System.Control to make my own control - say AW.Sidebar.Control

To allow AW.Sidebar to have its own namespace I have included :

if (!AW.Sidebar) {AW.Sidebar = {}}

in the namespace.js file

From this control I can 'hang' the templates and models etx that I will need to make my sidebar. Does this sound correct ? My problem is that if I try the following in my HTMl file:

var sidePane = new AW.UI.Sidebar;

I am told AW.UI.Sidebar is not an object. Here is my sidebar control.jas file in its basic shell form:

AW.Sidebar.Control = AW.System.Control.subclass() ;
AW.Sidebar.Control.create = function(){

var obj = this.prototype;
obj.defineTemplate("group", new AW.Tree.Group);
obj.setItemTemplate(new AW.Tree.Item);
AW.UI.Sidebar = AW.Sidebar.Control;


What fundemental think of creating you own widgets am I missing?

Hopefully I can get this to work - and offer it back to the Friends of AW ????

Monday, February 20, 2006
You need to be consistent

AW.Sidebar != AW.UI.Sidebar

var sidePane = new AW.Sidebar;

Should get rid of your error.
Monday, February 20, 2006
OK. I am slowly making progress: But I am having a problem getting sensible results froma defined model in the template class.

I have a control class and a view (Template class).

In my HTML page (wihtin <script> tags) I have :

var headings = ["test1","test2","test3","test4"] ;
var data = [ ["test1","test2","test3","test4"],
] ;

var sidePane = new AW.UI.Sidebar;
sidePane.setPanelHeading(headings) ;

using the FF javascript debugger I can see than that the model I have defined in my control class has been populated :

var models = {
panel : {heading:"", text:"", image:"", link:"", value: "", data:"", format:"", tooltip:"", state:"", visible:true},
obj.defineModel("panel", models.panel);

Also in the control class I define my Template :

obj.defineTemplate("content", new AW.Sidebar.View);

My Template contains the following in the setContent method:

var panelCount = this.getPanelProperty("heading").length;
alert(panelCount) ;

But panelCount is always 0 !!

Can anyone point out why ?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

var headings = this.getPanelProperty("heading");
x= headings[i];
alert(x) ;

is always empty - no error raised - just an empty string?

I cant see why my Template class cannot see the model contents!
This AW 2.0-standad by the way!
Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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