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a simple 'storing' question.. need your help


I want to find out how to save a value generated by a javascript code & then use that value a no. of times on THAT SAME PAGE.

I ain't a programmer. Just got this script from a friend.

What he did was - ask the user to type in his nickname & then he used a short javascript to generate their affiliate link (& then displayed it there).

Now I want to use that generated link a no. of times on the same page.

How do I do it??

Without using cookies or anything. How to just store that generated link in a variable & then simply display it again - just on that same page ??

if this doesn't make sense, you can see it happening here:


(the affiliate link that's generated there is not an active one. It's just a test link for demonstrating)

Please reply as soon as you can.

Thanks a LOT!
I really appreciate you!

Monday, February 27, 2006

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