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This can't be a bug can it? Very strange standalone UI problem

UI.Combo or UI.Radio standalone.

var itsRadioType = new AW.UI.Radio;
itsRadioType.setItemText(["AREC", "PTR", "CNAME", "MX", "HINFO"]);

Works fine.

Now if instead of the last line I call doTest() which is implemented like this:

function doTest()

Nothing is displayed and the script stops. Firefox says that itsRadioType has no properties.

Being a C++/C# programmer I must be missing something elementary in JavaScript but the funny thing is that only UI.Radio and UI.Combo show this behaviour. UI.Label for example works fine wrapped inside a doTest function.

Karl Thoroddsen
Friday, March 10, 2006
Of course it turned out to be an elementary error on my part.

After declaring the itsRadioType variable at the start of the code I then redefined it inside another function which understandably messed up any access to it.

Sorry about that. :-)
Karl Thoroddsen
Friday, March 10, 2006

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