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I need to pass all the values of the row over to the parent window on a double click.


I am trying to pass all the values(5) back to the parent window on a click or double click of the row or even an image in the grid. What I would like to do is have an address book (the active widget) open when a user clicks on an icon. The address book would display all their most actively used address for the last 90 days. If one is in the book that they want to use, they could either click on the row or a icon in the grid and the values would be copies (populate) the correct text fields on the parent page - so there would be less typing for the user.

Sorry but I cannot figure this out - I ususlly use Javascript to make a function that would do this:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "JavaScript">
function SelectThis(c_NameVal, c_CoVal, c_StreetVal, c_CityVal, c_StateVal, c_CountryVal, c_ZipVal, c_RoomVal, c_PhoneVal)
var a = c_NameVal;
var b = c_CoVal;
var c = c_StreetVal;
var d = c_CityVal;
var e = c_StateVal;
var f = c_CountryVal;
var g = c_ZipVal;
var h = c_RoomVal;
var i = c_PhoneVal;

self.opener.document.ArchiveForm.Consignee_Name.value = a;
self.opener.document.ArchiveForm.Consignee_Company.value = b;
self.opener.document.ArchiveForm.Consignee_Street.value = c;
self.opener.document.ArchiveForm.Consignee_City.value = d;
self.opener.document.ArchiveForm.Consignee_State.value = e;
self.opener.document.ArchiveForm.Consignee_Country.value = f;
self.opener.document.ArchiveForm.Consignee_Zip.value = g;
self.opener.document.ArchiveForm.Consignee_Floor.value = h;
self.opener.document.ArchiveForm.Consignee_Phone.value = i;

and in my table I would add:

<TD width="7%" class="font1" align="center" valign="middle" bgcolor="#COLOR#"><img src="../images/arrow.gif" width="11" height="11" onClick = "SelectThis('#Replace(Consignee_Name, "'", "\'", "ALL")#','#Replace(Consignee_co, "'", "\'", "ALL")#','#Replace(Consignee_Street, "'", "\'", "ALL")#','#Replace(Consignee_City, "'", "\'", "ALL")#','#Replace(Consignee_State, "'", "\'", "ALL")#','#Replace(Consignee_Country, "'", "\'", "ALL")#','#Replace(Consignee_Zip, "'", "\'", "ALL")#','#Replace(Consignee_Room_Floor, "'", "\'", "ALL")#','#Replace(Consignee_Phone, "'", "\'", "ALL")#')"></td>

This is in Cold Fusion so the code might seem strange.

I am lost as how to do this with this widget if it is even possible.

Any ideas,

Monday, June 21, 2004

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