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Combo problem 2.0.1

Here's a situation that was working OK in 2.0.0 but seems to be a problem in 2.0.1

I have a grid on a page and also another grid in a separate "popup" (by popup I mean a div that can have its "visibility" style property changed). The popup grid is used as a lookup table when editing a record in the main page grid. In both grids I use combos in the header row as a filtering selection for the columns.

Everything seems fine in IE, but when using FF, when the popup grid is shown, pressing on the "v" part of the combo causes the content of the combo box to diappear ... and the dropdown combo box doesn't show either i.e. the combo contents completely "disappears".

In 2.0.0. everything worked fine. I think there were fixes for combos not closing in FF put into 2.0.1. I would imagine something to do with this is now causing what I've described?

Any thoughts? Thanks as always.
Wednesday, July 5, 2006

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