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Urgent please - Change row content onMouseOver

I was wondering if someone can give me a code how to make a row content change when mouse is over(the changing is that links need to be added under the row text).
Thanks a lot, it's very urgent.

Roy :)
Monday, September 4, 2006
I would suggest instead of changing the row content - just show/hide links (text underline) with css -

.aw-grid-row a {text-decoration: none}
.aw-mouseover-row a {text-decoration: underline}
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Monday, September 4, 2006
Hello Alex
I think what you've suggested would work, but I didnt understand how to do it, can you give more details? I should put these lines in the CSS files, and what should I put in the html?
Thanks a lot
Roy :)
Tuesday, September 5, 2006
<a href='...'>...</a> tags or link template -

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Tuesday, September 5, 2006
Hey Alex
You think you didn't understand what I mean, It is supposed to be like this (for example of course):
Cell that contain text like -
<td> Pic1 </td> <td> Pic2 </td>
when mouse is over, a link are added underneath the text so it's like
<td> Pic1 <br> <a href="print.htm">Print</a> </td> <td> Pic2 <br> <a href="print2.htm">Print</a> </td>
and the changes are made for the whole row, not just a single cell.
Wednesday, September 6, 2006

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