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sort table by restricted ("parent") rows

Moin... :-) [sorry for my english]

can i sort a table by restricted rows?
I have a table with multiheaders und rows, wich have "child" rows.
see here: http://parthi.pa.funpic.de/down/tab01.gif

I want to sort this table by city, but when i sort it, all rows where sorted, so that the "child" rows can´t assigned to their "parent" rows.
see here: http://parthi.pa.funpic.de/down/tab02.gif

How can i sort the table by city, so that the "child" rows where assigned to their "parents" rows and only the "parent" rows where sorted??? Can i use ID´s for this???

Many thanks for help me....and sorry for my english :-)
Wednesday, October 4, 2006
Or can i group rows, so that i can sort the table by groups???
Wednesday, October 4, 2006

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