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Improve performance?

I'm just have a 520 rows Grid with 4 columns.. more and less each column have 60 chars..

When I tried to display this information.. the Grid take 25 sec's to draw..
I have a P IV 1.8 with 1 GB RAM

Let me know if there some considerations to take in order to improve this performance

Sorry.. but my english is really poor
Luis Islas
Saturday, August 7, 2004
I would say normal performance would be 0.5-2 milliseconds per cell, so in your case probably something is wrong. Either you do too much data pre-processing (like composing the cell data html with string concatenation - this is very slow) or you have some specific page layout which makes rendering slow. So you have to find out first where is the problem. Please look at this thread which discusses how to measure the time spent in different phases:


If most of that time is spent on producing html string by JavaScript and you do a lot of string concatenation - you may try to build custom template, which is much more efficient.

If most of the time is spent on rendering - try to optimize the page layout specifying the size explicitly wherever possible (using table-layout: fixed if you are using tables).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Saturday, August 7, 2004

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