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image pop-up needing password protection


I'm currently using a piece of javascript in my coldfusion websites to create a pop-up of a higher res version of an image.

<cfif NewsFocus.ImageNameLarge GT 0>
<a href="javascript:popImage('uploadedimages/#NewsFocus.ImageNameLarge#','<cfoutput>#NewsFocus.ImageCaption#</cfoutput>')">

javascript:popImage() is a piece of Java Script I have copied from a colleague and it creates a pop-up window of the appropriate size for the image.
uploadedimages/#NewsFocus.ImageNameLarge# is the folder and imagename respectively.

However I was wondering if it was possible to add a password request when the pop-up is called?

I cannot password protect the folder containing images without affecting the operation of the rest of the site and I would prefer to not have to relocate the high res images to a different folder. Any ideas?
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

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