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Mutliple grids.. leads to error in aw.js


I have 2 grids in a page in 2 different divs. I have different id's and different variable names for all the javascript variables. The only thing I have in common in terms of variable name is the "JSTL" variable names (is that OK ? ) .

The grids work fine individually but when they are put in the same page as I mentioned above, the top grid loses its functionaly like scrolling and moving the columns etc.. and I also get a javascript error "undefined" is null or not an object which when I enabled script debugging and the microsoft debugger lead me to the below section of code in aw.js.
If someone can throw some light on this.. that will be a great help.

if(!window.AW){var AW=function(a,b){return AW.dispatch(a,b)};AW.version=201;AW.toString=function(){return "ActiveWidgets 2.0.1"}}if(!AW.System){AW.System={}}if(!AW.HTML){AW.HTML={}}if(!AW.Templates){AW.Templates={}}if(!AW.Scroll){AW.Scroll={}}if(!AW.Panels){AW.Panels={}}if(!AW.Formats){AW.Formats={}}if(!AW.HTTP){AW.HTTP={}}if(!AW.CSV){AW.CSV={}}if(!AW.XML){AW.XML={}}if(!AW.UI){AW.UI={}}if(!AW.Grid){AW.Grid={}}if(!AW.Tree){AW.Tree={}}if(!AW.UI.Controllers){AW.UI.Controllers={}}if(!AW.Grid.Controllers){AW.Grid.Controllers={}}
Friday, December 15, 2006
No replies for this ? :-(

I have followed every possible guideline.. I have different ids for each grid and they are both in separate divs.. but still the bottom grid messes up the scroll etc of the top grid and gives the javascript error I mentioned above.. I am new to this.. so if anyone has an idea.. dolet me know.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006
I have 5 grids on a page with no problem. There is almost definitely something wrong with your code. Consider creating as simple of a test case as possible that can reproduce the problem and post.
Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I posted the original question and since I have seen many people asking the same question.. I will share my mistake.

I am having 2 JSP pages and each has a grid in it. Then I am including the jsp pages in another page.. and then then problem starts. The reason is that the link to the aw.js is included in both the grid JSP's because my requirements included the grid pages being able to work independently as well.. So if you have a problem with 2 grids on the same page.. maybe you should check whether u r including the aw.js for each one of them.. But of course.. that was just my problem :-)
Thursday, December 21, 2006

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