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Performance Concerns

I am using ActiveWidgets on an existing application and I am thinking about using it on a new application that I am building. My concern is that is slow to scroll and sort. I am looking at a table with ~400 rows and 8 columns. When I scroll or sort the CPU jumps up to 100% (I am using a decent system: PIII, 256MB Ram). Do you think there is any way to improve the performance of ActiveWidgets? Also I am planning to you XML in the future, should I anticipate any performance implications compared to the static method I am currently using?
Alex Kane
Tuesday, December 16, 2003
My guess - it's not really that data array sorting is slow, but re-painting the grid is. The slow scrolling is something which I did not expect - I need to investigate this more.

If your re-paint speed is ~0.5-1ms per cell - there is not much to improve :-(. There could be some minor optimizations but the only way to improve this dramatically is to implement paging or selective re-paint. I'm afraid that will only come after version 1.0

Using XML drops performance a little bit more - for example single XPath could cost you 0.05-0.1ms (for very simple expressions), so expect 20-30% decrease in performance when using XML (this is just guess - I need to verify the numbers).

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Tuesday, December 16, 2003

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