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Soft Loading Grid Data

I am trying to load a grid with 1000 rows of 18 columns. To avoid the initial page load delay of downloading that much data, I tried to use a function to load the data. If the full 1000 rows of data was not available, then the grid would not display, even though I was loading the grid from:
inventory.setCellText(function(col, row) { return gridData[row][col]; } );
So I set the roecount to 20 (the initial array size) and made a function that loads the data in the background sets the row count and calls refresh:

If I do not move off the first displayed rows it looks normal, if I start scrolling then the grid jumps as the refresh is called and my selection is lost. Is there a method I should be calling instead of refresh as I add data to the array?

Paul R.
Saturday, April 14, 2007

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