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If the grid is empty, how to custome message

Hi All,

I am displaying the grid with content which I am getting from database.
if no data found I like to show 'No Data Found' or any suitable message.
how can I show that in grid.

Now 2.0.2 empty grid is showing if data not found but with having empty cells this one I dont want and I like to show some suitable message.

thanks in ADVANCE.

Hari Krishna.N
Friday, April 27, 2007
One easy thing to do is to just supply an empty array that has "No Data Found" in one cell that is big enough to display it... that way the grid will
display a single line that has your message in it.

But, if you want to go the difficult way, create an AW.HTML.DIV after the grid, and put your message in there. Apply a style that makes it position: absolute, and then align the left and top values so the DIV is placed above your grid. Then, just do a obj.setVisible(false). Then, if you don't have any results, you can set the visibility to true, and then hide it again when you populate the table.

John Mason
Tuesday, May 8, 2007
Hi John Mason,

Thank for you help.

I go this one.
invoke this if u have no data in grid.
var obj3 = new AW.HTML.DIV; obj3.setStyle("width", "100%"); obj3.setStyle("height", "20px"); obj3.setStyle("border", "3px double red"); obj3.setContent("you message"); document.write(obj3);
Hari Krishna.N
Thursday, July 5, 2007

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