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Getting a refreshed grid to select or deselect

Hey AW gurus!

I have a grid and a 'Delete' button on a form. If I press the 'Delete', it deletes the record and refreshes the grid with an AJAX call. The only problem is if you press it again, it LOOKS like the row under the mouse is selected, but it is not.

I'm using this code:
obj.setAction("selectionChanged", mySelect);function mySelect(){
var index = this.getSelectionProperty("index");
document.getElementById("recordid").value = this.getDataProperty("text", index, 6);
return false;}

This populates my 'recordid' form field WHEN a SELECTION is made. But after the AJAX, the row is still highlighted, even though a new grid has been placed in the grid. Is there either a way to DEselect during the AJAX process (by then I have the record ID) or RESelect into the 'recordid' field (preferably the latter)?

Thanks in advance!
-- John
John Kiernan
Friday, July 20, 2007

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