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Displaying value vs. text of a Combo in a Grid

Hello All,

I have a Grid in which I want column #16 to be a Combo.

When the grid is rendered, my Combo box shows the item's "value," not its corresponding "text." For example, when the underlying field contains "C" I see an actual "C" in the grid--not the word "Critical."

var list1 = new AW.UI.List;
list1.setItemValue(["C","S"," "]);
var class_combo = new AW.Templates.Combo;
grid.setCellTemplate(class_combo, 16);
grid.setPopupTemplate(list1, 16);

These things work: I do see that the option text values appear in the popup: it shows "Critical," "Significant," and "Neither" just as expected. And after the user selects an item from the popup, the text value is displayed in the cell, just as expected.

My problem is just when the Grid is first rendered.

So my question is: how do I get the text of a popup item to appear in the cell when my Grid is first rendered?

As an aside, what event should I trap to get the updated -value- from the Combo to save it in the underlying database? I ask because onCellValidated gets the cell's text, not its value.

Thanks for any ideas!

Beth 'n Mark
Thursday, August 2, 2007
I have the same issue. It's the only thing keeping me from moving forward and purchasing the product. Any ideas on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

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