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Saving Grid Data Back to xml file

Dear Alex and the wider support forum,

I'm a vb and asp.net developer with limited java knowledge, but i have learnt a lot over the last few days.

I develope supply chain planning and forecasting systems, historically i use win 32, but now have a need to allow our clients to access and manipulate data over the web.

I have a situation where i need full control over web grids, but i have tested 10 different asp.net grids and they all have issues in one form or another.

The active widgets grid is easy to use interms of control for freezing columns, header row etc and populating the grid with data, our web app is ajaxed, and there are a lot of server controls on there, so the process data binding is solid and fluid in terms of process, infact its the same as win32 vb.net in most cases.

Clearly active widgets is pure client code, so it makes it very difficult to work using the same procedures/logic as implemented with server side code and objects.

For the most reliable and rigid way for our apps to use the active grid widget is first execute a server side event i.e. button click to retreive data from the server through ado and then create a xml file prefixed with user name (so we can manage record updates/locking), then create a java button event with function to create and populate the active widgets grid.

So the first step is rigid interms of asp.net and gives us greater control due to the fact that a lot of your asp examples rely on a page load to create grid, which in ajax world is not very good, so the above step allows us to update the grid on the fly and still use server events to update the xml file.

The second step of course is saving data back to the xml file after the grid has been updated !

I have read endless posts on various ways to acheive this, but no real well detailed documented ways to acomplish this.

We have one main requirement, and thats the user has the ability to save the grid back to the xml file after the grid has finished editing, we can then use server side code to update the server from the xml file.

So could any one please provide a well documented exmple on how to acheive this.

Theres a lot of good documention/examples on populating, formating etc active widget controls, but very poor on updating xml, csv files with edited data from the widgets.

As i have said before, i have spent the last 2 weeks evaluating asp controls, all of which have fullfiled 80% of our requirements, before we buy active widgets we need to fulfill the last 1% of functionality that active widgets provide and that 1% is the biggest issue, saving data !.

Kind Regards

Robert Wildon
Wednesday, August 8, 2007
any help alex, just on saving back to xml, i good example would be great
Robert Wildon
Sunday, August 12, 2007
cleary no one from active widgets wishs to help, so we will not be buying thid product.
Robert Wildon
Monday, August 13, 2007

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