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Hi Alex

Sorry.. I already asked this question.
But i didnt got result what i need from your solution.
My question is...

I buid a grid dynnamically and put into my web page as "document.write(obj);". But it is not allowing me to change complete grid data with the function "obj.setCellData(dArr);".


These are the sequence of steps. While browser executing setCellData, it is occuring error. Property or function not belogs to the object. Except that setCellData function remaining functions are working well. I am sure dArr is a array. I printed values and length also. But it is not working. Please help me to come with a solutio. If it clicks i will order your product. I need freezing functionality also. Wright now i am testing my product with this grid. Your Widgets solution is very helpfull to me to display very very large data(datasets). I am excepting fast responce from you. I need to reach my deadline of my product.
Satyendra Kumar Panasa
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Did you try to run the page in debugger and see where the error occurs, what are the variables etc. Could it be related to other parts of your application? Your code looks correct. Here is also the complete update example, which is nearly the same as you do -

var data1 = [
    ['cell11', 'cell12', 'cell13'],
    ['cell21', 'cell22', 'cell23']

var data2 = [
    ['new11', 'new12', 'new13'],
    ['new21', 'new22', 'new23'],
    ['new31', 'new32', 'new33']

    var obj = new AW.UI.Grid;


    window.setTimeout(update, 3000);

function update(){

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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