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Issue with setting cell background color and highlighting cells on focus

After i set the background color of a cell in the grid using:

obj.getCellTemplate(column, row).setStyle("background-color","#FFCFCF");

The highlight color doesn't ever seem to work again when the user clicks on the cell. In other words, instead of a cell turning blue when the user clicks on it, it remains the background color that I set using the javascript code above.

Can anyone tell me how to both change the background color in javascript and make sure that the highlight color still activates when a user clicks on that cell?
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Add !important attribute to the selected cells color -

#myGrid .aw-cells-selected {background: #316ac5!important;}
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Thursday, October 25, 2007
Thanks so much! Actually, your suggestion along with

#myGrid .aw-edit-cell{background: #FFFFFF!important;}

did the trick.
Friday, October 26, 2007

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