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How do I add/remove tabs dynamically ?

I wonder, whether it is possible to add/remove a tab dynamically.

The code I have written (which is largely the example dialog modified to my needs) does not work out. What happens is, that the HTA I am using this in suddenly hangs when I execute addTabs(). Is there anything I overlooked ? Thanks.

function addTab() {
iTabsItemCount = iTabsItemCount +1;
aTabsSelected = [iTabsItemCount];
aTabsItemText.push("New Job");

// frame must be private. Not sure whether this makes sense or whether I need a unique, persistant object rather than a 'throw-away' one
var frame = new AW.HTML.DIV;
// need to think about a convention to automatically raise the ID

var container = new AW.HTML.SPAN;
Wednesday, January 2, 2008

    #myTabs {width: 100%; height: 30px;}

    #myTabs .aw-list-item {color: blue}

/* each element has unique ID, check with Firefox DOM Inspector :-) */
    #myTabs-item-1 {font-weight: bold}
    #myTabs-item-2-box-text {border-bottom: 2px solid red}

    var obj = new AW.UI.Tabs;
    var items = ["Home", "Favorites", "Font size", "Search"];
    var images = ["home", "favorites", "fontsize", "search"];
<div style="border-top: 1px solid #999">



    var add = new AW.UI.Button;

    add.onClick = function(){
        items[items.length] = "another";
        images[images.length] = "Home";

    var del = new AW.UI.Button;

    del.onClick = function(){
if(items.length == 0) return;
        items.length = items.length-1;
        images.length = images.length-1;


Paulo Cesar (PC from Brazil)
Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Thanks a lot. Will check it out when I am back from bed ;-)
Thursday, January 3, 2008

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