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Problems in 2.5.1 radio button

Hi there!

I have a small problem. We where running the old 2.0 version and had all kinds off funny problem with IE7 and with Firefox.

I tested the new version and found that most problems went away so we decided to upgrade the system. Most of the problems went away but one new poped up and its only in Firefox.

The application consists of a Grid on top where you can select the customer. When the customer is selected there are 3 tabs below that show customer information, second tabs show address records and 3:rd tab show invoices.

The first tab has a number for fields and in the middle of it it has 6 radio buttons for what status the customer has.

Some times, and only in Firefox the radio buttons only show the first radio button, not the rest. And i have not been able to find any reason - the status can be anything, the fields before and after can be blank or no. It just happens some times. Tabbing to tab 2 or 3 and back to the first tab ALWAYS shows all the radio butting.

The code for the system is big (almost 1200 lines) so i cant really post the code.

The code for creating the button is this:

var estatus_id = new AW.UI.Radio;
estatus_id.setItemText(<?php echo $statustext;?>);
estatus_id.setItemCount(<?php echo $statuscount;?>);
estatus_id.onItemSelectedChanged = function(value, index){
if (value==true && index == 4) {
} else if (value==true && index == 5) {
} else {
//eno_inv.setStyle("display", "none");

The $statustext consists of the array with texts and are created when the page starts from the database and is never changed.

Have any one else experienced the same or similar problem?
Monday, March 31, 2008
It seems that the default height:auto breaks in Firefox. Try setting the height explicitly -

estatus_id.setStyle("height", "300px");
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Perfect - that solved the problem.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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