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popup event during on click

I am working on activewidgets. I have a combo in my grid. At the right of the combo there in one down arrow. When we use to click down arrow symbol popup will display. I just want to know which event is passing during clicking on the right of the combo down arrow symbol. Can anybody help me?

Thanks and Regards,
Vimal Kumar

Vimal Kumar Srivastava(Madhepura)
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Are you talking about AW.Templates.Combo class or something else?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Thursday, September 25, 2008
Hi Alex,
Thanks for your reply. I just wanna to use key up and key down features as like as list box in the combo popup. Can u please show me the way.
Vimal Kumar Srivastava(Madhepura)
Friday, September 26, 2008
Hi Alex,
Can u give any idea?
Vimal Kumar Srivastava(Madhepura)
Monday, September 29, 2008

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