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When to encode html entities?

I'm trying to deal with some issues where JS goes nuts when data contains & ) /. These are popping up in user data for various reasons. Take the data "AT & T".

I want to get it back as this value in the POST, but the & kills JS and the form doesn't render.

I've done some experimenting with setting the control text with the &, but got this back in the data stream.

This gets back to the "TEXT" vs. "VALUE". If I load only the value portion of a tag

obj.setItemValue("AT & T"); this works, but the text value does not display.

Should I be doing ;

obj.setItemValue("AT & T");
obj.SetItemText("AT & T");

Lets say I have an array such for a combo box, does the same hold true?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
While you're using a list item, the description of the functions doesn't really say too much in the docs. However, the similar functions for the grid do. So read those instead to get an understanding of what's needed. Here's the link /aw.ui.grid/cell-text.html The same fundamentals apply across all object classes.
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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