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How is accessibility handled?

Could WAI-ARIA and full keyboard navigation support be considered for a future release? This would allow ActiveWidgets to be usable by people with disabilities. Basically, WAI-ARIA is a way to indicate semantics to an assistive technology such as a screen reader, such as the type of widget, its properties, and changes to its properties. It's a working draft spec at W3C with wide support.

There is information on WAI-ARIA at http://codetalks.org
Please see the resource page on that site:
http://wiki.codetalks.org/wiki/index.php/ARIA_Resources (there's even an in-depth video now)
There are also plenty of examples:
I also really suggest signing up to the mailing list for support:
To see who is supporting WAI-ARIA, see:
Aaron Leventhal
Thursday, December 18, 2008

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