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grid drop down combo submits a post?


I have a grid with drop downs in one of the columns in all rows using a list. I managed to get the grid to submit a post when ever any cell is changed AND navigating away from that cell (or pressing enter). This is great.

What I would like for the drop down to do is submit a post when a new item is selected from the dropdown. Right now, the situation is this: You click the dropdown, select your item and then you have to navigate away from the cell in order for the submit to take place (or press enter). What I would like is for the post submission to take place WHEN the item is clicked from the dropdown. Is this possible? Sorry if this is a stupid question.. I've been plucking around with the events for the last couple hours and cannot find the right code.

Please help.. btw: Love this hotdog grid, it'll make my life a lot easier.
Larry in Durango
Thursday, January 22, 2009

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