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How to apply a link tag to a cell without altering the cellvalue

I have a grid with an ID column, the grid has a header row of filters, and checks the corresponding cellvalue for each row to determine a match and change the rowindices.

I need to have the ID column be a link, that takes you to another page and appends that id as a get variable:


Because it filters, I can't just modify the data array and inject an <a href="..." > etc, since if they want to filter on id=1163, the filter function will check the cellvalue to determine if it is a match, and 1163 != <a href="../?itemid=1163">1163</a>.

I am looking at AW.Templates.Link, as it would make sense that I could apply the template and still have the cellvalue be correct when the filter is run, but there is so little information in the documentation for how to actually use that and specify where it's supposed to go/etc, that I am at a complete loss.

I basically want:

Link URL: "http://localhost/viewitem/?itemid="+data.from.cell
Link Text: (same as the cellvalue)
Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Have a look at these pages of the documentation -



The latter has 3 examples that should give you some ideas.
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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