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unpkg.com/getlibs - simple way to work with modern javascript

I would like to introduce a small open source project I made while working on the next AW version. This is a way to work with modern javascript and latest front-end libraries without going through complicated build process - just include `unpkg.com/getlibs` script and you are done. More details at http://getlibs.com

All javascript libraries in one file

getlibs is a pre-configured module loader which pulls external dependencies directly from CDN. Instead of tracking and installing each library just include a single script and you can import/require any front-end library available on NPM (via unpkg.com and cdnjs.com).

Write modern javascript (or typescript)

Write ES6 or JSX or typescript and your code will be converted on the fly. The transpiler will run in a worker thread and process only the changed files. Except for the first time, you might not even notice the delay because all that happens in parallel with loading and initializing your UI framework.

No server/build required

Running your code with getlibs does not require any build process or even a web server. Just use static files, open in a browser and hit refresh :-). This might be the easiest way to start a new project, do some prototyping, share code samples, teach or learn the new stuff.

However, before going to production, you still need to setup webpack/rollup/eslint/karma/whatever. The getlibs project is currently for DEV ONLY.

For more details please look at http://getlibs.com
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Monday, May 29, 2017

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