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checbox Template value based on CellText for array ?

I am trying to avoid the use of Grid.setCellValue( function(col,row){.......
So the checked value should be stored in same or next CellText
I also need the checked property-value to be empty or 1, or 0 - 1
How to accomplish this scenario ?
tried this way but I guess I need to construct a custom template for this task
I need Help ! ;)
var chkTemplate = new My.Templates.Checkbox;
chkTemplate.setCheckedProperty('true', '1');
chkTemplate.setCheckedProperty('false', '');
Monday, December 26, 2022
My fault , should be:
var chkTemplate = new My.Templates.Checkbox;

// define a new property for the column
obj.setCellChecked(('true', '1');
obj.setCellChecked(('false', '0');

// then pass the property to the CellText
obj.setCellText( this.getCellChecked(0 , row) , 0 , row)

Amazing !!
Monday, December 26, 2022

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