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The problem of 10,000 rows.

I would really like to use this in an upcoming project, but I will frequently have to display data with a prohibitive number of rows. What are your thoughts on making the sorting headers cause a postback to fetch more data? Perhaps a data source could be written that more intelligently loads it's data for the page, getting an event or somesuch when the sorting header is clicked.
Friday, January 16, 2004
I'm showing 1000's of rows right now.. When sort is clicked I trap the column, and current sort. Then I adjust my sql accordingly and refresh the page to get the entire resultset sorted. BUT I've also modified the grid to have paged results with a PerPage control for the user..

I love this widget. Creativity is the only limitation. I've got grid configurations stored in data and XML(for backup) for any Grid i want to display. I then can modify them with a Configuation GUI I made for adjusting tables, fields, events, styles.. etc.. On top of that I dropped the whole thing inside a custom tag like so.."<GRID name='gridname'>" so I can place a grid anywhere I want easily.. ;) Currently I'm adding search fields with a search dialog, Edit fields with a edit dialog..etc.. All available from my toolbar .. Get creative man!
Friday, January 16, 2004

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