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Column Header Image Problem

Hi All,

I have a grid where I set an image to the zeroth column header. I made the following changes to impplement this.

obj.setColumnTemplate(image, 0);
obj.setColumnImage(function(i){ if(i==0) return "doc"});

for css I did something like this
.active-column-0.active-image-doc {background: url(eraser_16.gif)}

After doing this I do see that the image appear on the zeroth column but the text of the subsequent column headers gets shifted to the right (all the column header text were left aligned). After reviewing the code I see that the code puts a place holder for the images for all column.

<span id="grid1.top.item:0/box/image" class="active-box-image active-image-doc "></span>

I believe the main problem is the css class "active-image-doc". This call should have been active-image-none for all the column headers exlucding the zeroth column.

How do I resolve this issue?
Binu Nadesan
Sunday, February 27, 2005
I am experiencing the same - any word??
Friday, October 21, 2005

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