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Sorting a grid prevents any further change in row count??

I have two grids. The first lists online devices and the second starts blank. Click on a device, and the second shows the recent status messages for that device. Click on another device, and I create a new table, get the data to display for that device, set the number of rows for this table, attach the table to the grid, and refresh the grid. Garbage collection takes care of the old table.

Trouble is, if I sort the second grid on any column, I then lose the ability to reset the number of rows in the grid. Retrieving longer tables will not show all the data. Retrieving shorter ones generates empty grid cell errors.

Is this correct functioning, or should I be able to reset the number of rows after a sort operation. Note that I don't need to keep the sort from one table reload to the next, but I can't "undo" the sort


Jack Emmerichs
Friday, April 15, 2005

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