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Toggle display style

Hi everybody,

I have two grids. I would like to toggle display style second grid when it receives a click on image.

So far I tried to do something like --

In my first grid =

["<img src='images/online_error_over_nb.gif' >",
"test Job 1",
"Test Job",
"<a title='View Details' href='javascript:show_details(data1,d1);'><img src='images/plus.gif' name='d1' border='0'></a>"

is a row sample for first grid.
Here is the code --
var link = new Active.Templates.Link;
// link.setAttribute("target", "_blank");
link.setAttribute("href", function show_details(e,i_m)
obj2.setStyle("display", "none");
obj1.setColumnTemplate(link, 5);

Ofcourse, second grid id made invisible at loadtime.

Can somebody help. I am new user for ActiveWidget and decided to use it wherever is possible. I know it's simple but cann't do it.

Thanks for your help.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

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