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XML Attributes vs. XML elements

I recieve a large XML file from an external resource using xmlHttp, which has it's data described in attributes rather than inside of elements. The memory that it takes to perform an XSL transform on the data is beyond my acceptible limits because the number of records is in the tens of thousands.

My file is similar to this:

<Client FirstName="George" LastName="Bush" IQ="50" Age="12" />
<Client FirstName="Dick" LastName="Cheney" IQ="49" Age="11" />

Is there any way I can get the ActiveGrid to parse the XML attributes as is rather than having to do the XSL transform first?
Friday, August 12, 2005
You can parse the XML traversing the node and filll an array.

node.getAttribute ("FirstName") you will have to use.

XML processing in IE is not that quick Firefox much faster.
John Ophof http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net
Friday, August 12, 2005
Very nice tutorial!
Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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