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Refreshing cell value of drop down lists

I have a spreadsheet that has various formulas based on the entries in cells that have drop down lists. However the displayed values in these cells aren't being calculated in the other cells.

For example:

Cell1 has a display value of Medium.
Drop down list has options of High, Medium and Low

Cell2 has a formula that displays 9 if cell1 value is High, 5 if cell1 value is Medium, and 1 if cell1 value is low. Cell2 is currently showing value of 1 instead of the expected value of 5.

If I refresh all cell formulas [CTRL-ALT-F9] nothing changes.

If I select cell1 and choose the existing value of Medium from the drop down list, then cell 2 automatically updates.

How do I get the hundreds of formulas within my spreadsheet to 'pick up' the displayed values of my drop down lists?

Thanks in advance
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
This isn't a Microsoft Excel help site. Hell, I can't even think of anything they use that is remotely related to it, except for how it looks. Please use google?
Thursday, August 25, 2005

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