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Column styles BUG

First, I convinced my company to pony up for the commercial version (YEAH!) and have been having lots of fun with the Grid. THANKS ALEX!

Because I have plenty of R&D time here (rare!), I've been pushing this little guy as hard as I can to see what else we can do with it. In my testing, I recently found a bug in the rendering of column styles in the ActiveGrid.

The problem:

I was working on a page that has a grid that serves as a lookup tool (School Reports), and a grid that serves as a selection of IDs (Staff, Parents, or Students depending on the report type). When I chose an item from the Reports grid, the second grid redraws itself with the corresponding data. What was happening is that column 1 and 2 (zero based) were reverting to .active-grid-column instead of using #Grid2 .active-column-1 like I had hoped. (It was fine on first load, but the second load was skewed.) It turns out that the Grid was dropping the .active-column-1 from the template on consecutive loads!!!

This functionality might have been because of other code in my page, however I did extensive testing and found that almost nothing I did would correct the problem.

The Solution:

So, here's a little hack to fix it for now:

function FixColumns()
    var max = (objGrid_1.getColumnCount() * 1) + 1;
    for (var i = 0; i < max; ++i)
        var template = objGrid_1.getColumnTemplate(i);
        // alert(template);
        var sTemplate = template.toString();
        if (sTemplate.indexOf('active-column') == -1)
            template.setClass('column', i);

Alex, maybe validate my findings and check on this bug for version 2.0?

p.s. Alex, I think my boss is your new biggest fan!
Friday, September 23, 2005

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