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How to retain variable fields... ????

i have a field idxPTR declared in the <HEAD> tag

var idxPTR

Next using the Javascript Method i load my table, checking every rows data element [0] - myData[i][0] for a set value.

If column zero (will only be one of) contains this value, idxPTR is set to the row number.


Once the table has loaded / rendered, i want to highlight that row specified by idxPTR... nothing happens ???

i'm using : obj.setSelectionProperty("index", idxPTR);

If i set idxPTR to a set number, the row is highlighted after loading, otherwise nothing highlights.

If i 'Alert' the value of idxPTR i get a different number dependant on which row has the search criteria.

Please PLEASE help.... i've a meeting ASAP to demonstrate the abilities of this software with a view to purchasing and this was a key requisite.

Many thanks in advance for all your help

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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