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Question about Javascript Menu under "Documentation:"

Hi Developer(s)!

Very nice site! Love the style and your Grid!

I wonder if someone could give me infos me about the Javascript Menu what appears (for example) in "../general.doc" under "Documentation:". Its wonderful and I would like to use it. Is there a chance to get it from somewhere? Or to buy it?

Any hint would be great!!

Thanx in advance,

Simon Milic
Simon Milic
Saturday, October 1, 2005

the tree was made quickly just for this website. If you can extract it and adapt to your needs - it is ok, just let me know.

The version 2.0 will also have tree control but it is an overkill if you just want simple tree and nothing else.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Monday, October 3, 2005

thanks for giving me the (legal) chance to use it. I just tried to figure things out and I must say: you did a nice job there... the idea with the .png ressource is as good as it is fast. I also passed the "treeData" directly (not with the additional script lookup) and it became slightly faster.

I will check out if I can include it as an alternative tree to an existing project. I will let you know when it works.

Thanx again! And much luck ad success with your promising project.

(btw: I would love the idea to get licences for parts of the widgets... perhaps you can find a way)
Simon Milic
Tuesday, October 4, 2005

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