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Javascript In Combo Boxes And Text Boxes

Good Morning, All!

I Downloaded The Version 2 Beta And Was Trying To Play With The Combo Boxes. How Would I Define The Name For The Select Menu So That I Can Send It Over To A Processor? <SELECT NAME="type">

Also, Is It Possible To Inlcude Functions In The Combo Boxes And Text Boxes? Here Are The Examples That I'm Using. In My HTML Form, Once You Select A Type From The Drop Down List, It Automatically Fills In The Next Available Value For That Type Of Equipment. Here's The Code.

<SELECT NAME="type1" onChange='javascript:populateData( this.options[selectedIndex].text )'>

Later In The Script, I Use Kind Of The Same Thing With The Password Field. The Password Is Usually The Same As The Email Password, So When You Type In The Password, The Email Password Field Is Automatically Filled In.

<INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="mmdpassword" onChange="this.form.emailpassword.value=this.value;">

Thanks In Advance For Your Help!
Rick Clark
Thursday, October 6, 2005

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