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Data Grouping - Sorry to reopen this

Hi guys,
Firstly to Alex and whoever else is working on this project. Great work and major kudos!!!!
I'm just getting into the world of AJAX and rich client side web GUIs. I am looking for a Javascript grid library that provides exactly what you've got in your grid....except, I need client-side grouping functionality.
I know this was briefly discussed by a couple of you guys in the past so sorry again for ressurecting this topic. I agree with you that you should concentrate on stabilizing the current feature set before embarking on a new major feature such as grouping.

I don't necessarily agree with the comment that was made about grouping being a feature of spreadsheets! Spreadsheets are used for data manipulation, calculation and analysis....amongst other things.

Data grouping on the other hand is a type of data presentation. Grouped data is just 'the data' represented in different forms for different purposes. To me data grouping represents a cross-cutting concern for both grids and spreadsheets.

Having said that it doesn't get me any further in my search so no point nit-picking :)

What I'd love to hear from some of you guys is where you have seen these grouping enabled 'web spreadsheets' that you mentioned? All I've come across so far are .NET controls :( I need it in Javascript man!

My application is REST compliant and makes use of AJAX calls on the client side. That's why I loved the simplicity of Alex's .setURI() function.

Anyway, if someone could direct me to what I'm searching for that would be a great help. Thanks in advance guys.
Well done again Alex!
Monday, October 10, 2005

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