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Pivot grid?

I know this seems pretty crazy, but has there ever been consideration to a grid that can be pivoted i.e. columns become rows and rows are columns (I couldn't find anything on the forum for this).

A pretty rare requirement maybe, but some data structures (I have one) might be more suited to being displayed that way e.g. when there are many "columns" with lengthy titles and it would be easier on the user not to have to do lengthy horizontally scrolling. Yes, in such a case one could hand code a table or something - but it would be nicer to have all the styles and controls of the grid..

Perhaps Alex can come up with a "setPivot(true)" method (...or have i missed this...)?!!

Yes, I know you'll being saying I want it to make coffee next......

Anyway, just a thought.
Thursday, October 13, 2005
switch your row/column in the data loading maybe I don't think AW has a restriction on number of columns also don't think this would be good with large datasets though and definatly count virtual mode out :)

that does leave renaming the row headers can't remember if you can do that or not but it is just a div so you could force the data in ;)
Thursday, October 20, 2005

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