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Empty XML tags (<N/>) are not parsed in FireFox

Hi there,

I've got a page based on a data island what works in Explorer but not in Firefox.

The reason that the XML isn't working is in my notation of a empty tag;
If I rewrite <TAGNAME />
then it works on both browsers.

Must I change my dataprovider or is there a workaround in the grid component?

I also had a minor question about the forum, when I type in "XML" as search term I recieve a "no data is found message"
(I noticed that when trying to search for "/>" to see if there are previous posts about this matter.
Meindert Hoving
Monday, October 17, 2005
In know XML in Gecko/Firefox/Mozilla support <TAGNAME />, and there is no problem.

To know what is your issue we need and example.
I assume the issue may be because

1. "data island" is not there in Firefox/Gecko because as it not there in HTML/XHTML as per W3C standard.

2. you have to make sure you are serving page with proper mime type.
Monday, October 17, 2005
I'm not to sure what you mean with the mime type,

The "bug" is easy to reproduce;
-Take the xml - data island.htm example (version 1.01)
-Change <employees>4300</employees> (or a other tag) to
<employees />
-Open the page in IE(6) => Works fine
-Open the page in FireFox(1.07) => Only shows the employees before the changed tag.

Meindert Hoving
Tuesday, October 18, 2005

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