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data manipulation inside the input tag

When I click on the cell inside the grid I am changing the cell to a Input using a Active.Grid.INPUT. By Using this I am getting the Input,
but myproblem is
1) In the input I am writing some text.when I am focussing out from that control It is changing to DIV tag. If I again want to manipulate the text I am unable to move to the particular character I want
Example: I want to enter Active but unknowlingly i entered Acvie Now I want to Again enter in the text I want to place the cursor between C and V in Acvie.

2) In the control place the cursor with the mouse click at the last character of the text and try to move it to another control it is copying the same value in that entered control.
3) I am unable to select the whole text and delete it, i am deleting it character by character.

Need help regarding the three Issues

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I switchToEditMode() function you should have:
editor.element().focus(); // to focus to this element
editor.element().select(); // to select the value of the input

Hope this helps!

Stefan [RO]
Thursday, October 27, 2005

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